Overnight Haulin Radio – Episode One


Welcome to Overnight Haulin’ Radio and to our inaugural podcast! Thanks so much for taking a chance on this little show and I hope you enjoy what you hear. I need to say thank you to Dallas for his encouragement for helping me get this show going; and to Piper, Viktor, Jade, Kelly, Amy and Mike for helping me become the radio host I am today. I also need to say thanks to my lovely wife for helping me with the imaging, and to the RECORD LABELS and ARTISTS who allowed me to use their music. Without all of these things this podcast wouldn’t be possible.

Last, but not least, thank you for taking a chance on this podcast. This is my outlet to share great music and to keep my skills honed! Much Obliged!

Before we start, I need to make one correction – Sounds Like Violence’s song The Greatest comes to us on both the Deep Elm Records Vol. 7 Sampler – “Defending the Kingdom” and their Epitaph release “With Blood on Their Hands”.

You can listen HERE!

Now we got that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to the tracklisting!

ImageBlocktreat and Zoomafloome



Blocktreat website || Zoomafloome MySpace

ImageThe Empathy


Ave EP

Myrdal Netlabel

The Empathy facebook || Myrdal Tumblr


Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Relapse Records

iTunes || Bandcamp

ASG Facebook

ImageThey Had Faces Then

I am the Fire

Tiny Giant Artist Collective Vol I + II

Tiny Giant Records



When the Trees were Higher

Mimonot Records

Mimonot VK

ImageSounds Like Violence

The Greatest

Sampler 7: Defending The Kingdom

also With Blood on My Hands

Deep Elm Records

Amazon || Bandcamp

ImageOur Lost Infantry


The New Art History

Deep Elm Records

iTunes || Bandcamp

Our Lost Infantry facebook

ImageRoyal Thunder

Parsonz Curse


Relapse Records

iTunes || bandcamp

Royal Thunder Facebook

ImageTom Savage Trio

The County Line

The County Line

Tom Savage Trio

iTunes || CDBaby


ImageHoly City Zoo

Kid PK

Tiny Giant Artist Collective Vol I + II

Tiny Giant Records


ImageGangstagrass feat. R-Son

Gunslinging Ramber


Website || Purchase

ImageIsis Graham

My Own Child

In The Garden

Soundcloud || Facebook

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